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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Was Most Untriumphant

Transcript of Gmail chat with Ryan Manning

ryan: the golden bear
me: hey man
ryan: how are you
me: i'm good, how are you?
ryan: i am fucked existentially
me: why's that?
ryan: i don't know
me: I'm sorry
ryan: no worries
what about him
me: he is going to kick my ass in our match
im scared
i am fucked existentially
ryan: whenme: we have a reading/wrestling match coming up
ryan: aren't professional wrestlers only supposed to fake wrestle
me: no
it's real
it's damn real
ryan: hahai don't know about that

ryan: isn't that why it's called world wrestling entertainment
everyone knows the matches are rigged
me: did you watch that video?
because I am existentially open-hand slapping you right now

Ryan went on to say that he disliked the Jaguar Uprising, and the only way any of this will have any value is if it is turned into art.
Well guess what Ryan Manning.

Wrestling is art.

Friday, September 5, 2008